Took my switch to a shop partially working he returned the switch bricked

My switch had a broken usb c port and I needed it replaced, after I gave it to him I he replaced the usb c port but now the switch is completely dead, he did not charge me for it but he gave me it back worse than it was, idk what to do I’m really upset, I don’t wanna make a scene there and I’m not financially able to purchase a new switch. What should I do?

Ouch, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure where that leaves you given that he didn’t charge… hopefully someone else has more experience in that side of things.
Dealing with the repair shop aside, I would probably open it up and see what he has done, get a load of pictures of the board and post them here so we can see what might have gone wrong. Hopefully he just failed to change the port correctly and the battery has now run out.

Don’t know how you would know if it’s worse than when you brought it in since the battery is presumably dead. Take it back and have him and ask him to charge it for you, if he can’t charge it ask him what exactly did you pay him to do on your switch.

Typically when I get a Switch with a damaged USB-C port I will remove the port and test all the circuits for issues. If there is no issue with the circuits then I replace the port and charge the unit fully to test it. I then will show the client that the Switch works before they pay for my services.

If there are issues with any of the circuits I will inform the client that further testing is required to determine the condition of the MB