Took off M92t36 but knocked of resistor

What should I do now? I was taking off and putting back on, and then as doing so, a small resistor came off. should i try to put it back on, or do I need a new board?

The small resistor might be a tiny bit cheaper than a new board. Which resistor did you knock off?

That small one in the circle

It is a cap (0402 1µF). But I don t know if it is only for bypath.

so what would it damage if I were to use it, if there was any?

Sorry I don t get it. I m not native english speaker.
If you don t resolder a new cap, it maybe work. But bypath caps are needed to ground over-current.
Beside this, your m92t36 is not aligned correct and shifted away from the soc shield.

what is your native language?

Calvin is right. You m92 chip is way off , even with the resistor will not work n might damage other parts if you apply power

ok so I need to reset my positioning for it and then put the resistor back on?

Yes. I would look under a scope or magnify glass to make sure the trace pads are inline with the m92 on each side. I would also touch it up with soldering iron n flux just in case theres not enough contact too

ok I appreciate the help all. I will attempt this later.

Hi i made a big booboo, oh boy i knocked off 4 resistors at the top of m92t136 chip when trying to put new one. The solder i used is fake i went bought some from an actual store and it went in no problem.

The resistors, i knocked out are at top 3 verticle 1 horizontal.

Ive changed chips in computers before more working room.

Im asking what are the function of those chips, are they needed?

Where can I buy them. Plz help me.

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Plz help

pic credit to @Calvin
I think you are takling about those 3 c0402_1uf capacitor
Get it from mouser /Digikey, or wherever you think legit

Do you know tbefunctions is it needed?

Do anyone got any tips on how get these damn c0402 back on I found 3 been trying tried hot air nd solder I got 3 on but all was crooked.

Only one had a reading with multimeter.

Any tips wld b apperciated.

Apply new solder to the pads with flux. Hold the component in place with tweezers and apply hot air until it grabs onto the solder. Then it should flow into place easily enough.

Hi ok I got all the c0402 bk on all have proper reading no shorts.

Wen I plug the motherboard up to my volts reader with battery I’m getting 0.29 0.30 and no jump to fast charge I replaced chip cus was getting 0.00 switch works just don’t charge.

Shld I put it bk together nd see if it will charge? That ribbon scares me so want to put it bk together wen I’m sure.

From videos I seen it charges at 0.44 with battery plug in.

These are new batteries with 30 and 50 percent charge currently.