Took off M92t36 but knocked of resistor

What should I do now? I was taking off and putting back on, and then as doing so, a small resistor came off. should i try to put it back on, or do I need a new board?

The small resistor might be a tiny bit cheaper than a new board. Which resistor did you knock off?

That small one in the circle

It is a cap (0402 1µF). But I don t know if it is only for bypath.

so what would it damage if I were to use it, if there was any?

Sorry I don t get it. I m not native english speaker.
If you don t resolder a new cap, it maybe work. But bypath caps are needed to ground over-current.
Beside this, your m92t36 is not aligned correct and shifted away from the soc shield.

what is your native language?

Calvin is right. You m92 chip is way off , even with the resistor will not work n might damage other parts if you apply power

ok so I need to reset my positioning for it and then put the resistor back on?

Yes. I would look under a scope or magnify glass to make sure the trace pads are inline with the m92 on each side. I would also touch it up with soldering iron n flux just in case theres not enough contact too

ok I appreciate the help all. I will attempt this later.