Tools for the courses

I am taking the “practical soldering” course and have purchased the recommended soldering station (hakko fx888d), i have also purchased the “micro and hot air soldering for beginners” course and will be taking that after i get comfortable with practical soldering. The micro and hot air course is now recommending me to purchase a micro soldering kit which is another 100+ dollars, is there a soldering station i can get that has both a normal soldering iron and a micro iron, i would rather not purchse 2 totally seperate units if i dont have to, i would rather be able to swap the 2 different soldering irons as needed.

Can you provide further clarification as to what course your taking?

In this day and age, any recommendations to a Hakko unit pretty much invalidates not only the course/training but also the opinion… not saying they’re bad bad rather, overpriced and unnecessary

Further details on your path may be helpful as well as details on the current ::“course” your on

Well, its the courses that are provided by tronicsfix ,are you saying tronicsfix and their recommendations and courses are not good?

If the courses suggest out of date and higher cost equipment then yeah… unfortunately

Not saying it to be mean but it’s reality

Can you recommend a good soldering set and hot air station, something reasonably priced but also decent quality. I am a beginner but want to start doing more of this on a regular basis, i will not be starting my own business but it will be more of a part time hobby.

Hi there,

we had a long conversation about it with Severence in this thread :

You can go with the “Best BST-863” which is probably the best (haha sorry for that :slight_smile: ) that you can get for that price range.

Agree with Mauro, BST-863 seems to be the best bang for buck atm (as we’ve talked about )

Soldering stations you can follow the topic here for details

But the TLDR is the KSGER T12 or T3A T12 station, if you just want something to work out the box then go for the T3A