Touchscreen is not working properly

An other defect Switch. This time light water damaged. With cleaning, ultrasonic and reballing some ics, the mainboard in a complete replacement shell, the Switch is starting but the touchscreen isn’t working properly.
The left eights from the screen is fine, the middle doesn’t recognize inputs and the right side takes inputs but on the test screen I can’t draw lines.

I changed the ic on the back of the gamecard connector. I tested the contacts and the surounding caps and resistors.

Any suggestions?

transplant ft9cj ic from original game cartridge module to a working module and see if that fix touch issue

I changed the original game cartridge module back but the behavior is still the same.
If I’m pressing on the mainboard/connector the touchscreen sometimes takes more input.

The emmc has a permantent problem with the power rail. I reballed it, but the power rail is not working 100%. The emmc benchmark test in Hekate shows that the emmc is slower as normal.

I’m wondering if it has influence on the touchscreen behavior.