Turns off immediately after hdmi repair

So this xbox was turning on just fine but it got no signal other than I once got a brief very distorted picture while checking it. I started with replacing the HDMI port, but after replacing that when I went to check it, it turns off after a couple of seconds. The fan does not even attempt to start up. I tried different fans that I know are working and none of them start up. I also tried working power supplies and HDs but no difference. Could this possibly be the retimer chip, or am I looking at a lost cause?

Sounds like you shorted something… check the port legs not to be bridged… i had a similar issue replacing a retimer, it was a faulty chip, but in your case it was working before and you didnt touch it .

I checked and didn’t see any bridging. That said, the original HDMI port really didn’t look terrible. I suspected the retimer possibly being faulty from the beginning but decided to start with the hdmi to see if it was possibly that since it is easier for me to change out. I wasn’t sure if the retimer would affect the fans though.

it could, retimer on mine did cause the fan not to spin and console was turning off inmediatly… i would replace the retimer to see if that fix the problem…

So I replaced the retimer chip, and now I’m back to square one. It will turn on but still no signal. The fan starts up but very quickly gets very fast and loud. It doesn’t do this when booted into low res mode. I tried different fans and they all do the same thing.

Take some close up pictures of retimer solder joints…