TV Samsung UE55JU6572 goes randomly to green screen than black

Hey guys,
I have an issue with my smart LED TV Samsung UE55JU6572. When i turn it on, tv runs few minutes just fine, but then it goes green screen, black screen and i can hear only sound, but display is off, only backlight works.
Can you help me or have you an idea what can cause this problem, is there some easy solution or it’s more hardware problem?

I would first check and reseat all of the connections to the panel and the Tcon board. If this fails to resolve the problem, check the Tcon board for poor connections. The symptoms you describe can be caused by bad connections. A replacement Tcon is $30 on Ebay and that might be a quick fix. I doubt that this is a power issue but rather a logic issue or connections. Start there and update this with progress.