TV Screen Randomly Shuts Off

I bought a switch specifically so I could mod it but it came with a very weird and annoying problem. My switch will randomly just disconnect from the TV without warning (in game, never when something not very intense is going on, if I am just in the main menu messing around with themes and such it will stay on forever). The green LED stays on and the switch screen itself will stay off as if it is still connected, just no visual on the tv. It can’t be the dock or cable as I have another switch which works perfectly fine, and I have tried this switch on my friends dock with the same issue popping up. When in hand held nothing happens and it can work perfectly fine. The only way to fix it once it has turned off is to put it into sleep and turn it back on after a second.

I would start by looking for damage in the usb port, or even just dirt in it.
It sounds a bit like you have a short somewhere that only kicks in when power draw increases.

Yeah that’s kinda what I have been suspecting, I tried cleaning the port and that didn’t change anything and at this point I am probably going to just replace the port and see if that works, there are a few other things that are damaged that I know the issue for, so I will probably just get it done all in one sitting.