Two caps next to SOC

Hi, does anyone know where this two caps feed to?

Bottom of caps has normal reading in diode mode. Too of caps , one is 0 and the other reading 2.9 in diode. I trace to the top next to the outside pad near wifi chip but it seems goes to wifi or the back of chip

Switch boots and charges fine but stuck at 2nd Nintendo switch Logo: thought it was wifi chip so replace with a new one but still the same result

The both green marked pins are the end of the line at the wifi ic. They are the receiver lines from the pcie communication with the soc. In the blue box are the transmitter pins and in the orange box the clock pins.

Did you checked for continuity from the pins to the cap before resoldering the wifi ic?


Thanks calvin!

I will remove the wifi IC and measure for continuity first and then try install another one

Chip is tricky to install because theres really no way to tell if its on correctly besides the little square at too right for the tip of the chip