Two missing resistors values needed

Hi, i got my hand on a broken switch Lite with two Resistors knocked off the logic board after a failed modchip installation by owner
I’ll appreciate it if someone can help with the value of the two resistors
Thanks in advance

Hello, I’ve got a working Switch Lite with those resistors sitting onto their pads and a multimeter just hanging around. If you tell me how to measure them, I’ll let you know their values.

Hi, thanks for your reply
Resistors need to be off board in order to get the correct value, such size and placement require a good soldering skills

If you can buzz out where the pads are going i can find the equivalent components on a regular switch board and provide the values.

If you would be so kind and pop over to this thread

www.tronicsfixforum (dot) com/t/switch-lite-problem-there-is-a-backlight-but-no-screen/3915/28

And help that user out by providing component values

Hello! I have lost the one that is marked with number 2 on the picture. Could somebody please help me with a correct value? Thanks in advance, Aron

I would be happy to receive an onboard measurement too, fromthat i can figure it out. Thanks

100 ohm 0201 resistor

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