U21 - ST IC - Testing Process

In one of your Xbox One X Retimer videos you mention you have seen the U21 ST IC go bad from lightning surges. Do you have a process for testing this chips functionality? With it apparently being impossible to acquire due to Microsoft privately commissioning it, it would be very useful to know if/how you can test it.


You have to remove it and measure it with multimeter laying on multimeter on diode mode

Thank you for your reply! Any chance you could elaborate further into the process? I have not removed the ic as of yet but looking at pictures of the motherboard with the ic removed shows 18 different pins. So which pins are we testing using diode mode for example?

Thanks again for you reply and for any further details into this.


Hello, I have 2 xbox one x motherboards with different defects, one with an apparent failure of the u21, the problem is that I do not know if when removing it from a donor plate I place directly or I need to perform a kind of rebaling