Unable to connect to Dock

Hello everyone!

I have two switches, one connects to the dock with no problems but the other one doesn’t show up on the TV, it shows the green light and charges but no visible picture on the TV itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m new to the soldering scene but if it’s an easy job I can do it, thank you!

I would start at the usb port. First look inside to see if there are bent pins, maybe give it a clean with IPA and a toothbrush. Next get your self a usbc breakout board, open it up and check for continuity from the breakout board to where they go on the switch, you can find pictures on the forum.

I would guess it is a faulty USB port - would recommend to replace it and check if all traces on the board are ok - sometimes traces are ripped out what could cause such an issue.