Unique PS4 situation AFAIK

This situation happened when I booted up my PS4 for the first time in 2 years. It was stored and collected dust. It turned on completely normally. As soon as I try to launch any disc-based software, however, the PS4 shuts off with zero warning (not even an overheat warning).

After, the PS4 will turn on once more after this, only to give me a blue light of death then turn off quickly.

If I try to boot up the PS4 again from then on (this would be the third+ attempt), the PS4 will not do anything.

I did achieve success in turning it back on normally (unplugging all cables for a couple of hours), however launching any disc software would still kill the PS4 with no warning.

The process would then be repeated (power button, boot normally, turn off when trying to open disc-based software. power button, blue light of death. power button, nothing. unplug for a couple hours, repeat.).

Frankly, I’m stumped.

Could it be a disc issue? No, because I’ve tried it out with multiple discs.

Could it be a Power Supply issue? Maybe, but the PS4 boots normally.

Could it be a Fan issue? Most likely, however no overheat warning.

Could it be an outlet issue? Probably not, as I’ve tried many outlets (all connected from a power strip however).

Can anyone figure out or tell me any next steps to take in this matter? I can provide video of anything about the PS4.

Forgot to mention, model 1215

That sounds awfully like the prior symptoms the one I’m having trouble figuring out started with.

First thing, I didn’t think the PS4 nor Xbox One were to be plugged in with a power strip. I think you need to go direct with that. I had an Xbox One come in with similar issues and it was because it was plugged into a surge protector. So try going direct into the wall.

I have to ask though, is it keeping date and time? The one I have was having very similar issues when tore down I discovered the lithium-ion battery was leaking. It’s been downhill ever since on my end.

Oops, forgot about this. Thanks for the reply, by the way. You’re the first one to help after posts to the subreddit and the official forum.

I did try going from the wall once, and that didn’t go so hot, with the same symptoms as before. As for date and time, give me a day. I’ll see if I can get it.

Sometimes this can be fixed by replacing the power supply but if that doesn’t fix it (and you’ve made sure it’s plugged in fully and to a good power source) then it’s most likely a problem with the APU or RAM chips unfortunately.

That’s unfortunate. Going to test if the date and time work in an hour. I also just wanna say thank you for all of the involvement in the community. If this doesn’t go well with replacing psu, then would a professional store be able to fix the APU or RAM chips, assuming that that’s the case?

There are very few places that repair APU and RAM problems unfortunately. It’s generally not worth the time and effort.

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