Unit CUH-1116A wlod

Hi guys
hoping someone can advise on this problem so far i have changed
hdmi port
hdmi ic
hdmi fliters x 4

still this problem persists which originallt was for sure the port as when moving the cable pic would flicker but now nothing so wondering if it can be caused by the smaller components near the port



yesterday i fixed a no video ps4 which was sit on my “for parts” shelf… (i have a lot of free time staying at home) yesterady started replacing diodes, resoldered ic, replace hdmi port (i was just shooting to the sky)… i was absolutly sure ic chip was damaged but i had no spare ic’s now, so my last measure was continuity between ic chip and hdmi port pins… and guess what? there was one point with no continuity… so i replace that coil and voila… and actually i checked everything and i was sure those coils were fine…!! mi teaching is… triple check everything…!! sometimes points usually got bridged and it’s hard to notice…! or there is a chance that ic is not good…!

if you have a chance, upload some pics of what you’ve done…

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Maybe if as did check ic pins through filters to hdmi port

Will do some pics tomorrow

There seems to be a component missing unless this is normal but unable to add picture to post it says!!!

Did you manage to find a solution to your problem? Going through the same-thing.

No I didn’t do it just sits on the shelf until I get a chance to look again