Unknown Error Code Popped Up and Now Switch Won’t Turn On

My friend recently sent me their Switch Lite for me to work on. It turned off one day last year and hasn’t turned on since. There was an error code that flashed before it turned off, but it turned off before they could even write it down. They have no pirated content on it. And it’s a lite, so it can’t exactly be modded in the same way a dockable switch can.

I originally thought it may just need a hard reboot, or it may be the screen, corrosion, or even something as simple as the battery. It’s none of those. there’s no damage, no corrosion, so I got curios and tested the board in my own system. It didn’t even try to power on. Which leads me to think there’s some hardware issue that may not be able to be fixed.

I know there are things like Qianli to save data from broken-beyond-repair phones. Is there something similar that I can use for a switch? Or could you help me figure out which part holds the system data so I can solder it onto a new system for them?

Thank you in advanced.

TLDR: Error Code popped up, they noticed before they could write it down, won’t turn back on. Is there a way to save the data?

EMMC holds all data but you cant’t transfer them to other device unless you have the product.key from the device. Data is encrypted.

There’s no way for me to get the product key, is there? There’s not a device I could buy to basically dump the system and it’s entirety to my PC then?

Maybe the error relates to M92 :thinking: did you check the USB port for bent pins? check for shorts around M92 IC?

Failing that, if you can see the modchip in place, can you take a picture of it

Not unless your friend did it in prior and perhaps saved them to SD

You can dump the data, but without the keys to decypt, it’s basically just useless data

I’m going to have to check fort shorts, I didn’t see any bent pins. And their switch isn’t modded.

There’s only two files on the SD card labeled “Private” and “Private1”

I’m sorry if I sound like an amateur, I am lol. But I’m learning because I want to be able to fix bigger things in the future.

Sorry I misread the :point_down: part as “they have” so ignore me, if it’s never been modded the keys aren’t going to be on the SD I’m afraid.

We all are at some point :slight_smile:

Good stuff :+1: