Unsure what happened now

Hi guys! I’m new to this forum and I have a question to ask!

I’ve managed to replace the M92T36 chip on after spotting a shorted Capacitor.

After checking thru, I assembled it back. It managed to boot up with the Nintendo logo and to the main screen before it showed an error of 2101-0002

Without USB current checker of USB-C input, I tried to give it a charge and somehow instead of charging it, it depletes the battery to 2.6 V after a few hours.

It didn’t boot up, and suspecting is a dead battery. I placed the m92T36 chip close to my ears and heard some small sparking sound.

Out of curiosity, I disassembled the board again and turn the board behind, this time using the multimeter, I detected more shorted Capacitors and Capacitors that are not responsive!

The ones in red box are shorted
The ones in X are not responsive

image : https:// live. staticflickr .com/65535/49735067242_cd18141b7c_z .jpg

Hope to hear any of you guys have a solution to this for me to try!

I also have this error after doing the same thing, I have yet to find a solution but might as well try and reflow the apu, I have found out through my own testing it has nothing to do with the eMMc. If you find a solution please post about it!