Unusual motherboard fault?

Hi Everyone.

So I am currently working on a faulty switch that does not power on. It gives me a reading of 0.42 amps the motherboard is clean and hasnt been tampered with at all.

I originally thought it was the m92T36 chip that needs replacing due to that being the chip that controls the charge (It still may be the chip that needs replacing)

However, before i replace it I wanted to check for any shortage well weirdly there is no shortages on the board what so ever I have checked all capacitors around the chip and the bq chip and the p13 chip its really unusual to not find a short.

Does anyone know what this could be?

Should i just go ahead and replace the chip anyways even though there no short and see if that turns it on?

I would plug the Switch to a pc and check with TegraRCM if it is in recovery mode. (direct, without entering the rcm manually)

Anyone else got any ideas what it could be

Did the pc recognize the Switch?

hey Calvin, just picked up two switches, same problem, i marked them with a “?” because its weird. I did connect to a pc and got RCM ok. what would the next step be?

Prob in rcm. Try to inject Hecate payload, if it lets u in Hecate then change auto rcm to off. Then restart to normal firmware

If you can’t inject then you have a patch version. Prob. Bad cpu

this is what i get

Invoking TegraRcmSmash.exe with args : “C:\Users\winso\Desktop\hekate_ctcaer_5.3.3.bin”
TegraRcmSmash (32bit) 1.2.1-3 by rajkosto
Opened USB device path \?\usb#vid_0955&pid_7321#5&222e27aa&0&13#{aa0dbd45-3117-f331-5c49-76bf65225042}
RCM Device with id 4085050F0000001406xxxxxxxxxxx2 initialized successfully!
Uploading payload (mezzo size: 92, user size: 122803, total size: 189019, total padded size: 192512)…
Smashing the stack!
Smashed the stack with a 0x7000 byte SETUP request!
Payload successfully injected

still dead screen though. swapped the board to a known working screen and still nothing

disregard i forgot to connect the screen. im in the hakate menu now

i can get into hekate but thats about it , it doesnt let me launch or do anything else, anyone have any suggestions what to do from here? i try to disable autorcm but it says failed emmc. if i reboot in normal mode i stay with the black screen.

If you are Able to dump the keys and dump the firmware.

Use emmchacgen to build the firmware with keys. And then use the choidujour pc process to install it. Use the emmchacgen firmware u build instead of choidujour firmware process. I also skip step 13 since firmware is above6.1. Sorry I don’t have the links, at work will try to this and send links