Update or reinstall system to a PS4 with no bd/HDD stuck on 8.03

Hi guys! . I’m wondering if there is a way to reinstall/upgrade system software to this 8.03 console which has no original HDD nor bluray drive , I found nothing to this version , I’m thinking in firmware reverting to see if it can be used with PS4 NoBD Updater 7.5x as last resort . Thanks In advance!

R u putting in a new hdd? I would go with a 1 tb SSD the. Get the 9.00 firmware for darthsterine website. Just google ps4 firmware. Put it on a usb PS4/UPDATE/ the 9.00.pup file. That is the path it should look on the usb PS4 folder the. inside that UPDATE folder. Inside that the firmware remember to name those folders in caps. Put the ps4 in safe mode and reinstall with usb.