USB-C OneSide charging D- has OL


I had a defect switch where I have changed the USB-C port. Switch is now booting up, but is only charging at one Side.
Have checked the USB-Port - whith a breakout board and everting seems ok, but the D- Line is showing OL (on both rows).
Checked the testpoint(s) which confirmes the Open Line with D-

I assume this is not a problem with the USB-C port in that case ?
Not sure if this can be causes by a faulty M92 ?
Any ideas on that ?


M92T has nothing to do with D+, D-. since you have OL at the test point, you permanently lose this data line sine it comes directly from CPU to that test point.
Hope this is not a unpatched board, I believe you lose 5v slow charger but you could stick with 15v pd charger

Hi @jkyoho - thanks for the answer. Unfortunately it is an unpatched one, but ok. I have reassembled the switch and dock charging and dock mode is fully working.
So it seems that only charging outside the dock is only working with one side of the USB-C cable which is supportable.

If everything is working beside RCM mode (which I guess Nintendo is not interested in) what’s the usage of d+ / d- lines ?

USB hub on the.dock.may also stop working. You can give a try