USB-C pins required for charging only

I have a switch with A6 and B6 open circuit. Before I just put a new USB-C port in, are these two circuits absolutely necessary for charging. I don’t care about docking or data transfer. This Switch I got for free and is for the kids to play with. Yes, I removed the damaged port and tested all the pads first.

So as far as I’m aware, these lines will prevent charging using a USB-A to USB-C charge cable as there is some crude resistance signaling used on the D+ and D- lines which rely on the a SOC usb controller. A standard nintendo charger will work as it uses the CC lines to communicate USB PD data.

Not 100% sure, but docking may work as this uses the CC lines and usb 2 controller via extra pins on the USB-C. An interesting experiment to double check.

You say the lines are open circuit. Have you tried removing the optional ESD protection that sits on those lines and can often bear the brunt of USB-C damage? It’s just above the port. You might be lucky and may have avoided toasting one of the the USB controllers on the SOC…

Thanks for you response. I will go ahead with installing a new USB-C port and see how does and report back. Yes, I did remove the ESD protection, but I think thought when it fails doesn’t it short to ground usually?

not always… depends on what kind of day the diode was having :wink: can fail open, but then that wouldn’t matter in your case