USB-C pins required for charging only?

Hello all. I tried doing a search first but I have been unable to find the complete answer.
I would like to know which pins are required for charging only. I don’t care about any other functionality through the USB connector right now.
I know from USB2, I could just connect +V and ground to a device and be able to charge those types of devices. Can I just connect A4, A9, B4 or B9 to +V (or even just to a +5v power supply if I decided not to even use the USB-C connecor) and connect Ground to A1, A12, B1 or B12 and be able to use/charge the Switch? I am fine with slow charghing at this time.
Can I just get by with +5v and ground?

I have a Switch Lite that has several pads ripped from the board at the USB-C connector and since I only need to charge the device, I would like the easiest route to make that happen.
3 of the pads do not have visible traces and I am not sure I can repair those. The other 8 ripped pads should be fairly easily fixed though. The 3 that have no traces are either A8, A10 and A11 or B8, B10 and B11. I am also hopeful that I can get by without even trying to fix those pads if I only care about charging.

A related question… How can I charge the battery pack without a working switch? Is there a way to charge it by connecting it to a power source directly? OR would I need to design/build a charger for just the battery pack?
I would like to be able to charge the pack so I could use a charged pack to test other switches with.
Thanks in advance.

I think for 5v charing you need Gnd, 5v, D- and D+. For 15v it uses different pins but i dont remember which.

Thanks. I have figured out that I can charge the battery outside the console by connecting 5V to red and ground to Black. The gray wire seems to act like it is connected to the same place as the Red wire.
By doing this and charging the battery, I was at least able to have a charged battery to test the console with. I am now able to boot the console but am getting error 2101-0001.

I would be carful charging it like that, you can get li-po battery chargers that will do it more safely. Something like this: Micro USB TP4056 li-ion li-po lipo Battery Charger Module & Discharge Protection | eBay

That said, given your error I would change the M92T36.

I would not put 5v straight to the battery if I were you. That likely end up ruin the BMS or fire up the cell.
A lithium cell battery 3.7v/3.85v usually has a max charge voltage restriction around 4.3~4.4v