Usb port 90% of pads ripped off

Hi Guys Ive had a couple of switches lately where the customer has ripped off most of the circuit board pads on the usb port. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue however it’s the pads under the port which I can’t get to.

Am I right in saying it’s near on impossible for repair?

Can anyone tell me, can you charge the switch with just the back row of pins connected? Personally I don’t think it’s possible. I can’t seem to find a decent pinout diagram for the switch usb port.

Put a picture to see what the ripped pads look like.
They can be repaired but you need microsoldering tools and patience.

I think if it was just the back row I could run link wires but the pins underneath I have no hope

It can be fixed but would take a lot of time and a ton of patience. Basically you would have to attach a wire to the trace then curl the wire up to make a small pad for the pin to connect to, then put soldering mask on the part that attaches to the trace to keep it from coming off when it was heated. Good luck!

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Just like @tronicsfix says above…
You have to scratch near each pad with something sharp until you hit the circuit board. Then use the thin copper wire as you rebuild each pad. It takes a lot of attention and patience. You should finally use Solder Mask Using UV to isolate the tinned contacts.

circuit board trace repair

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