USB port replacement


Can I leave OL pins unsoldered?

I started but do not have enough copper to solder right OL pins (next to B1)

BTW, does A1, B12, B1 and A12 need to be soldered, and is there a known diode mode value to check?


if you don’t use dock any more, you could leave OL not solder

You have plenty of copper left, they’re VIAs at the end of the day, scratch them back a bit more with a blade if your struggling :+1:

Yes, contrary to popular belief (ie. idiot youtubers) you need your grounds :slight_smile: will it work without them… yeah probably, will it be reliable, no, they not only act as cheap “shielding” but also further anchoring / support and decrease resistance and thus increase current carrying capacity.

If I recall the layer below is just another ground plane too, think i used to just scratch these pads all the way back to the prior layer to “regain” the entire pads… though someone correct me if i’m wrong.

Thanks guys.

As it is for a customer, I need to have working dock mode.
I managed to solder the last 2 OL pins.

I did not thought A1 B1 and A12 B12 to be ground.
I will do my best to solder them, if needed will pick up ground elsewhere.

Edit: my bad, green color is ground :grin: