USB Voltage/Amps Power Meter Tester - Adaptor

So i’ve just started looking at repairing consoles. Bought my first faulty switch to start.

One of the thing i notice in Steve’s videos he uses a USB Volt/Amp tester to see if the AMPS go up for fast charging. i bought one but wondering what Adaptor i should be using (i.e. power rating?) to allow the switch to “Fast Charge” and show the Amps nice and high.

I’ve used on i had from a phone but the good switch never went above 1A or so. Do i need to get something that will do 5V 3A? What do others use?

Well the best thing to use would be an official Nintendo power adapter.

But otherwise you’d need an adapter that can supply at least the current the Switch uses for fast charging (which from Steve’s videos appears to be around 1.16A - so, no, 3A isn’t necessary, although most decent ones will be around that these days if you’re buying new) and a decent USB cable with a 56K pull-up resistor.