V1 switch lcd connector replaced, switch won't boot anymore

Hi there!

I attempted a trinket mod on a v1 switch. All went well until I put the console back together. I managed to bend a few pins in that FPC LCD connector. I took it to a repair shop, since I didn’t have a hot air station, and they kinda messed it up more.

Before I took it to the shop the console booted just fine with or without the screen being connected, outputting through the dock. After taking it to the shop, they replaced the FPC connector, they removed the modchip, and this is the console’s behavior: if the LCD is plugged in the console doesn’t work, it doesn’t boot; if the lcd is unplugged then the console boots just fine and it outputs to the dock.

IDK what to do. I’m really at my wit’s end, and I’m to stressed out with this. I hope I can fix this…

idk what could be wrong, or what i should check. it’s weird that the console isn’t booting up with the screen plugged in. it’s probably a short somewhere i guess but idk where

So it’s one of two things, either there is a bent pin in the LCD connector or bridges along one of the joints of the LCD connector or possibly the LCD itself is faulty… based on your description I’m leaning more towards the connector.

Best advice I can give is to provide your location so another tech who is in your country or possibly area can help you out and do the job properly… I wouldn’t reccommend you undertake this yourself if it’s your first time and without the proper equipment etc.

I have experience in soldering, I just don’t own a hot air station. I might take it to another shop, but it sucks that I don’t really have shops that know a lot about switches.

okay update:
I tested another screen with the console’s motherboard and still no image on the display. I looked at the connector under the microscope, but I couldn’t see any issue with the pins in question. the soldering connections for the lcd port look okay. I’ll post pictures of the pins soon.

the console now boots just fine with or without the lcd connected!

I’m gonna go tomorrow to another shop to see if that dude can spot the issue. I hope it’s not something with the board. [Preformatted text](https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/580207/Not+turning+on+after+screen+replacement) This is a link to a post on the ifixit forum where some guy had the same issue, but no solution. I also found this youtube video [Preformatted text](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2mdXioa5OI) where that console exhibits the same kind of behavior.

The guy in the video couldn’t fix it, but he later stated this in a comment: “Since the video was released I have compared voltages with a working Switch using a multi meter. There are numerous missing voltages that are in the range of 5V+. I think whatever pushes the voltage towards the screen is faulty. The problem is I can’t trace the tracks back to locate the suspect chip :slight_smile:”.

If you could provide me with a few things to check with my multimeter so that maybe I could track down the issue that would be great!

Intermittent boot issues relating as a result of previous and current display issues still relate to the connector in some form or fashion unfortunately.

This will relate to the 8316 IC which has rails which come out on to the LCD connector… an intermittent nature of these rails is more than likely going to be at the connector itself rather than the IC unless there is signs of corrosion/liquid damage and generally speaking they just don’t fail intermittently.

My advice, you may have general hand soldering experience (which is pretty useless in this situation tbh) I’d find a competent tech in your country/area to put this situation right, regardless, you can not make this situation right with the tools and equipment at hand I’m afraid :frowning: at the least you need a hot air rework station and experience is preferable

okay I’ll just go to a shop tomorrow. what should I tell them to check?

shops in my area are kind of unreliable, but I’ll see what I can do. worst case scenario I get a hot air station and do it myself. but I’ll need guidance from you guys because idk what’s wrong with the console. if i have that station I could reseat the connector myself no problem.

edit: I’m pretty sure that the console boots just fine. I did it multiple times without any problems.

I’d suggest posting your country or location and waiting for a tech here (if there is one) who specializes to get back to you. For example if you were in the UK I’d just send you a PM to send it off to me for XYZ and do it myself.

If you have doubts in the repair shops surrounding you I can’t suggest sendind/giving to them… they’ll just make matters worse. Also don’t take this the wrong way, you getting a hot air station and performing this repair for the first time may not lead to the best result and practice will be required :slight_smile:

So intermittent by the sounds of it :slight_smile:

I’m from Romania.

I don’t trust what they told me from the shop (that the console had some boot issues). As far as I’ve tested on my own I haven’t seen any boot issues. That’s what I meant.

:crossed_fingers: somebody can help you out from there. My guide price to you so you know is approx 30EUR for the repair plus whatever postage to/from costs max

Right, so it has developed since swapping the LCD connector which seems to imply LCD conn related issues :slight_smile: hopefully somebody here from romania can help you out :+1:

what do you mean by guide price?

So you have an idea what I would charge so you can be sure that nobody is ripping you off basically