Value for Cap on Mainboard

I bought a defect PS5 and found a grounded line near the F7502. As I follow the heat while injecting 0.8 V, I found a defect cap (orange marking on the right).

Which capacity should I use to replace this cap?

They all 22uf 6.3v, package I believe is 0603

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Thank you. I found one on a PS4 Pro donor board.
Short gone, but still no power.
Do you have the voltage at this line? I guess my 0.3 V are not what it is supposed to be.

they are all straight connected to 5v_standby line, always on.
Check F7001 FUSE if blow

Yes, F7001 fuse is blown. I will try a fuse (F5105) from a PS4 pro donor board.

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I believe PS5 F7001 is 5A fuse, just in case you need the exact one.

Hm… I`m not sure what the rating is from the PS4 pro fuse is.