Value of capacitor and component on the right?

On the right is a Schottky barrier diode.
At my Switch it is on both places an ONSemi NSR05F40-D
In the datasheet for ROHM 8316 step-up converter the example ciruit shows an ROHM rsx101va-30

On the left I don’t know.

Thanks. I’ll order the diode and as far as the capacitor goes I measured all the ones around it and they all are 1.2uf so I’ll try that. Also your mentioned a datasheet. Do you have some sort of schematic for the switch lite? If so, where can I download it? Got this switch really cheap as it was broken. Just trying to get it working.

They are no schematics available.
Some ics and components which are on the mainboard of the different Switch modells are standard components. For them you can mostly find datasheets which discribs for example the surrounding components for an ic.

Ok thank you for the information.