Value of resistor?/cap? above left joy con Connector - had CPU 01 - img below

Is it a resistor or cap? Multimeter says 100k on a donor board. Thx!

I guess this is v2 board right joycon rail cnt area. I checked the working board I have, red circled one seems to be a inductor(coil) which measured 0.7ohm ish.

Use any 0 ohm resistor or blob of solder should not have negative effect on the joycon( mostly esd noise cancelling on that coil) since v1 board has straight path go through instead of the inductor

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Thx. Yes v2. Is there a similar/same coil on a V1 board which I could grab? Just found a short on the donor board which I would like to work on.

No, I dont recall any inductor in common worked on area sorry