Value of resistor next to the LCD? connector

Hey I recently got a switch in for water damage and fixed it’s issues, but the resistor on the two pads was completely destroyed, if anyone has a known good they can measure the resistance of; it would be appreciated.

After typing this and trying to upload the images I’ve taken I realise I can’t upload images or include links so I’ll describe as best I can, it’s to the close right on the connector with the ribbon cable that says 1-53 and it’s right next to the white plastic of it when in the closed position.

Put a picture please.

Still can’t post them, or link to things.
I have a thread on ifixit under a similar name with the images if you need reference.

Found out it was 2.2k resistor.

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Hey there,
can’t seem to find it over at ifixit :frowning:
And, can’t seem to find the component you’re describing :frowning: