VConn shorting to ground

Had a board come in where my USB breakout board showed VCONN shorting to ground and absolutely nothing showing up on the ammeter when plugged in. Removed port and tested on the pad, but short still remains. The board is able to boot into the OS with a known good battery hooked up, and everything else on the switch is functional.


Could m92 be the culprit here? I did check pin 5 and its corresponding passive and did not see a short to ground on either. Pin 4 and 6 do, however, show shorts to ground. My revision does not seem to have that one diode on the side with PI3, but the empty pads are showing shorts to ground.

sorry made a mistake it is pins 35 and 37 (CC1 and CC2 respectively) which are shorting to ground, not 4 & 6. Too used to the lite orientation of m92, my fault.

Yeah, should have just removed m92 before bothering others. Pulled the chip and the shorts all cleared.