Video issues that may be related to temperature, but not sure-HELP!

PS4 Pro CUH-7015B. I’ve never had it apart until watching the Tronics videos, and still haven’t taken all of it apart since I don’t have all the replacement parts and tools yet (they’re on order). Video settings on all the AV equipment is set for 4K UHD. The issue only started recently-the last month or so. If I leave the unit in power save mode VS complete shut down, or if I turn it off for a while, but turn it on again realtively soon afterwards, then when restarting the video feed cuts in/out, but I still have audio. I’ve never gotten an overheating message from the console, and as far as I’ve been able to see with just the top cover off, my fan and heat sink are clean and clear. It recently got to the point that now I’m intermittently loosing complete HDMI connection to my AV system when it gets hot. My current fix-unplug it all and put the console in the refrigerator for ~ 45 minutes-then when it’s all nice and cold reconnect it all and it works fine-until I need to shut it down again-then back into the fridge it goes. Help? Anyone? Before I loose the entire thing?

Update: The above only appears to be an issue if I’m using equipment that is set for 4K UHD (Enhanced) viewing. If I connect/set the connected equipment for standard 4K or lower, it seems to work fine, if not in 4K UHD. So…What part interprets/determines the output of the 4K UHD when it’s connected to those items? The GPU? Something else? Is it something easily (and I know that term is relative) fixable? What would I need for tools/parts? I already have a new fan assembly replacement kit on the way (that I probably don’t need :frowning: ) that will have new thermal paste in it, and I just received my new thermal pads, so I can replace those too. I don’t want to necessarily use them if I can send them back unopened if none of it will actually fix my issue…

@tronicsfix I’m not sure if you’ve seen this thread or not-I haven’t figured out how to see who’s read my thread, if that’s possible. Have you heard/seen this particular set of issues before? My new fan kit should be here by end of week. I’m a bit short on time the next few weeks, so I only want to tear this apart once if possible. Do you have any input at all on this? any additional parts/supplies I might require before I get started. Some form of overheating is all I’ve come up with at the moment.

There’s not really any way for me to know for sure, but I’d guess a problem with the HDMI encoder chip.

Well…Crap. Is that encoder chip a replaceable part? I’m not bad with a soldering gun, but I’m not sure how fine (tiny) the points would have to be. From 1(novice)-10(expert), what am I looking at as far as difficulty? I guess the better question would be is if that chip can be had as a replacement part and can I get it as a random consumer that isn’t a commercial repair shop? I appreciate your time.

Yes, it’s replaceable. I show how to replace it in some of my videos. It’s not a job I would suggest for someone without some experience. You can usually find the part on eBay.