Video\Screen flashed dark then returns, no 4K

New to the group so hello everyone. I have an Xbox One X that was working great with my Sony 4K TV, up until about 1 month ago. Then it would flash a black screen and audio would cut out until the image returned. Seemed to happen when under load gaming. Then it started to happen more frequently and on the console menus.

I replaced HDMI cables and tried different HDMI ports.
Finally rest to factory using OSU1 image from USB.
While connected to a 1080p monitor I can setup and use the Xbox but the flashing continues. During the initial there was some graphic corruption (static) noticed.
If I connect back to my 4k TV I get nothing but a black screen and no signal.

I am suspect the video is failing. Ideas on how to get this fixed? For a $250 repair I might be better off to buy a Series S or Series X if one can be found.

Thank you in advance.