Volume down 'stuck'

Attempted to install the ‘picofly’ mod, never got it to actually read my SD card, installed an SX-Core instead, Now that I have the switch booting (and modchip working) , I’ve noticed that the volume down doesn’t work? Pressing volume up makes the volume go all the way down.

On probing the pins on a working switch, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 Mohm to gnd, pressing the switches pulls the corresponding pin on the connector to gnd. On the faulty switch, volume up shows the expected behavior, while volume down resistance is around 400k? Noteably, I double checked without the HWFLY installed, and the volume/power ribbon disconnected, also powered on and confirmed the behavior without the ribbon by manually pulling the pins to ground. This aligns with the fact that volume down appears to be stuck in firmware. something somewhere, seems to be shorting to where it shouldn’t. I can’t quite compare boards one for one, because I have a slightly different revision.

Small edit: I can confirm at the very least, that it’s not the small cap on the vol down line