Want to buy Playstation 4, I think

I’ve never owned a console before.
I did get a free game through the Playstation web site. I think they gave away a couple because of the pandemic.
I don’t know which is better x box or ps4.
I’m 52 and was forced to retire early and on a terrible budget.
Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

I don’t have a console to sell, but I can at least try and help you decide what console to go for. The first main difference is the type of games you will find on the platforms.

Playstation tends to have more exclusive games that are usually based around a story, the 2 main ones on the ps4 are Uncharted 4 and the last of us. If you plan to get the base model ps4 (either the slim or original model) it will play games slightly better than the original xbox one (or xbox one s), but the original model ps4 is known to be a very loud console.

Xbox tends to have less exclusive games, but it has more shooters and racing games. The main shooter game is Halo the Master Chief Collection, and the main racing game is Forza Horizon 4. Xbox tends to be more centered on online play, and their subscription service called game pass, which includes over 300 games from the original xbox, xbox 360, and xbox one. The xbox one can also play some og xbox and 360 discs, which is nice if you want to play older xbox games.

The more I read, the more I’m leaning towards PS.
I do think that hardware and performance wise, Xbox is the winner. But not by some tremendous margin.
I think between not charging you to play online and the titles available, PS is for me.
Apparently, Sony is going to have stock soon.

Sony does charge for online on the ps4, but not on free games like call of duty warzone. The xbox one x is more powerful than the ps4 pro but it’s not by a lot like you said. Sony should have stock soon since they still make the ps4 slim

I too am 52 and have always preferred the PlayStation over X-box ! I’m not a fan of Microsoft at all .
Also with the PlayStation you have th VR which I enjoy very much ! But it all comes down to preferences ! I’d say find a friend that has one or both systems to try out and make your choice from there ! I like the PlayStation controller better then the X-box controller . It just fits my hand better .
But you aren’t limited to a console , you could opt for a lower end gaming PC ! Which depending on what you have , you can always upgrade later on !
No matter what you choose we all hope you enjoy and welcome you to the gaming community !