WARNING: Monitors are killing XBOX ONE S + XBOX ONE X

As the title says. I am getting a massive flood of S model and X model systems with dead transmitter chips. Now here the funny thing. I fix them and maybe a day or two later I get a call. “Its doing it again”. Did you check your cables, are you sure its plugged in? Yes, yes. Is the TV set on the correct input. Um, its a monitor (!!!) comes back with the same issues as last time. Swap the chip, advise only use on a TV and no issues after. Now all you techs out there. LISTEN TO MY WISDOM. XBOX ONE is not intended for monitor use. PERIOD. THEY ARE KILLING TRANSMITTER CHIPS! Judging by the time window of this massive flood. This is likely caused by an XBOX UPDATE. Why you may ask now? New systems coming out and the need to damage systems to try and sell all the stock before they become old? (in theory). Or maybe its just a bunk update all together. If this was not an update related fault causing damage, this would be an everyday thing. Sorry Microsoft, I am fixing these. YOU WILL NOT BE SELLING MORE SYSTEMS, ONLY GIVING ME MORE WORK. LUCKY FOR ME THESE CHIPS ARE SOLD FROM A 100% TRUSTED AND MASSIVE VENDOR. NO SHADY CHINESE RESELLERS NEEDED :smiley: Just remember, you can hide schematics, deny parts and claim warranty VOID all you want. IN THE END I WIN. I CAUGHT THE B.S. So quick. Thanks for the extra work.

For me it was the opposite I replace the retimer chip on a Xbox one X and I wasn’t able to see nothing on my TV and later I was checking why no problems in the motherboard and put like 5 different HDMI cable nothing later I was like let me put it in my monitor and boom I saw the image so I remove it and put it back to the TV and no image I was like What? What I did was factory Reset the Xbox and that fix that problem

Likely it was set to a resolution that only the monitor could display? I believe its holding the power + eject until it beeps to reset resolution. I have seen many times customers will do factory reset / video reset when the SH#$ hits the fan. Also, you have a scope to ensure all your connections were good?

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it makes sense, i’ve just fixed one that was connected to a monitor…!!

When you say transmitter chip, which chip are you referring to?

Main chip between the HDMI port and APU…

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The TDP158 Retimer?

I just replaced that chip in an xbox one x I’m working on and cannot get it to display on the tv. I plugged it into my computer monitory and it displayed on that in low resolution but after doing a factory reset still no output on the tv. I’ve tried multiple HDMI cable and different tv’s. Any ideas?

This is a motherboard/daughterboard swap and when I received it, it had the retimer chips replaced previously and worked for a single day and then stopped working (Previous owner). It was also missing the C20 capacitor which is a 1.1v power supply. My last resort is that running it without the c20 capacitor in place may have caused issues with one of the voltage regulating components.

usually when that happens is because the chip is not soldered properly on every pad…

Thanks for the reply. I’m fairly certain I’ve got all 40 pins soldered down as I looked at each side of the IC with my microscope but I suppose it’s possible a pin isn’t properly connected. Its worth a shot. Thanks.