Water damage, LCD backlight turns on, but black screen

Hi everyone,

I by no means have any experience fixing electronics, so I really need some help. Recently we had vape juice (yes…vape juice) go into our family switch. Rather than spending the 300 dollars to go get a new one I wanted to take a crack at trying to fix it. I do have basic tools to open, but anything to repair circuits is far beyond me.

So first of all, it still works in the dock. In the dock mode its fully playable but the 3.5mm jack got juice in it as well and now the widget that shows volume and headphone input is always in the upper lefthand corner, sometimes switching between speaker and headphone icon, sometimes staying as the headphone icon. It never goes away. The LCD screen is completely black. It turns on and the back light is obviously working, but nothing shows up on the screen. When I opened the switch, there was juice basically on the left third of the device, it did not get to the processor. I used isopropyl alcohol and q-tips to clean away all the juice. The lcd ribbon cable and connector had juice inside it, and I tried to clean it out as much as possible. There doesnt seem to be corrosion, but I cant be sure. Everything else works besides those two things, the 3.5mm jack and the lcd. Like I said before it can be docked and will work on the tv. Is there anything I can do about the jack and the lcd?? I can provide any pictures if need be.

Ok, so e-liquid does contain water, so we are dealing with water damage. It would be worth getting some pictures if possible, specifically around the LCD area, and the game-card board and it’s connectors.
I would probably start by having another go at it with the IPA and a toothbrush. Concentrate on the LCD connector, game-card connector and the headphone jack area.
Do you have a multimeter? If another round of cleaning doesn’t help you will likely need to make some measurements around the board to work out what is wrong with the LCD.
Worst comes to worst though, the headphone is on a separate board that can be swapped out in it’s entirety.