Weird Battery Temp Readings makes booting failure

Dear All,

I just recently bought a switch v1 unpatched with terrible battery life, so i switched the old battery with a new one (OEM), everything was normal during handheld play session until i can no longer charge the battery, turned out the temp reading on fuel gauge ic info inside the hekate was -30’C and whenever i try to boot OFW or SysCFW the screen just went black after atmos/Nintendo logo.

I managed to get it booting again by unplug/replug the battery manually, recheck the battery temp inside hekate and it was normal, but not for long until the above problem reoccure.

After 2 or 3 times cycle , somehow unplug/replug the battery trick didnt fix the temp reading to normal anymore, thus i cant currently boot to OFW or SysCFW.

Is this problem related to the switch ICs or just my luck with New faulty Battery?