Weird buggy PS4 SAA-001

So I’ve got a strange ps4 here.
Sometimes when you turn it on, it won’t display anything, just sits on blue light on and off.
Sometimes it starts up fine.

Sometimes it will rebuild the database, cycle the power and then get stuck on a blank screen with the blue light on and off.

Sometimes the software crashes. Other times it shuts off to a white light. Sometimes works perfectly fine.

I’ve checked the HDD - 100% health, 41 hours on time.
I’ve swapped the disk drive cause the old one was doddgy and all works fine.
I’ve checked all fuses and there fine. Replaced thermal paste with mk4 and looked new inside.

I was thinking maybe a fault APU but wanted other opinions.

Thinking of moving the HDMI controller to another board if i cant get this to stop bugging out.
Not up for reballing just yet though. Still got more to learn

i would tried with a new hdd… those sympthoms are chiefly hdd issues…

Ill swap it out and see how things go :grin:.
Could potentially be something wrong with the drive that isn’t detected by the SMART monitor i suppose.

I’ll update when given it some time running with a new drive :v:

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