Weird faulty ps4 power supply?

Last time i got my ps4 water damaged and dry it well but my psu get clogged by water and my ps4 work well and never use my ps4 too much, Then yesterday try to turn in on my ps4 it got blod out of nowhere its turn on like 1 second then turn off fast and cant turn it on anymore except unplug the cord and plug in it again and get same blod the weird sometimes the ps4 just work without getting problem and play game well but if i do restart the ps4 multiple time or turn it off and on it got blod again and i need unplug the power cord and wait like 30 min or more then magically it work again open the bottom cover the psu are kinda hot , Im suspected the psu are the issue here but with ps 4 getting normally playing without shutdown or anything when it turn on make me wonder if it have another problem or its only psu ? Can someone tell me ?