Weird issue with old 3DS

Hi everyone, first of all im gonna say that im not a native english speaker so it’s possible that i use bad verbal times o expression aren’t the correct.

After that i explain my problem with my old 3ds, i bought a 3ds 1 month ago, isn’t new and i thought it was a good deal for 50€, at first i started the 3ds and all seem good, the console starts, the 3ds green light turn on, the screens and 3ds works good, but when i arrive to my house and switch on and conect to internet for update to the last version, i lefted on my table and a minute later the both screens go black, i thougt it was for the update but the nintendo don’t restart and the screens stay black so i force to swich of, pressing the power button for 15 seconds. The console swich off and after this i try to schiw on again and the screens don’t turn on, the 3D light don’t turn on and the blue light remains on in blue but the console don’t start.

I thought that i briked the console, but i lefted on until the batery ends, when this happens i charged a little and turn on, and the console starts again normaly but after a few minutes happens again that the screens go black and the lights stay on.

I opened the 3ds and all seems normaly, when i disamble the up screen i broke the ribon cable of the screen, i bought another one and change this ribon cable and the 3ds actually works, the speakers works fine but the problem are the same, if i turn on, the console stars fine but after a few minutes the screens go black and the lights remains on, when i force to turn of and try to start again in a short time the console don’t works and only turn on the blue static light but if i left the console 30 min for example, the console starts fine and the go black again

Im waiting for delivery of a wifi module, but i don’t know if this the problem, i need to know if anyone had the same problem and how solved them o if anyone can help me with this issue because isn’t the normal problem of the blue light.

Thanks a lot

For more information i asked to the seller if the console was hacked with any program o software and he told that he never hacked the console

pay close attention to the battery contacts, had cases where because of dirt of corrosion on either the battery or contact pins it can cause these symptoms. Try pushing the battery against the contacts to force a temporary good connection while prompting the console to boot and see if the symptoms change, then you’ll know if this is your issue :crossed_fingers:

I think I also had a case where it just didn’t like how the SD was connected and refused to boot (which doesn’t make a lot of sense) :man_shrugging: but cleaning it with contact cleaner resolved the issue

I dont have a 3ds, so I am probably way off. But maybe something to do with the magnet sensor used for detecting when the lid is closed?

Thank you for the sugestuions, i try cleaning the contacts of the batery and the card slot but nothing seems to change, also i forgot to mencion because not all the times happens but sometimes when the screens go black, a few times aparently the “problem” solve by itself because the screens try to send a image again but never achieve the image of the menu and goes black again

I’m waiting also for this part, maybe this week i recive the wifi modul and the hinghes, than you also for the sugestion

UPDATE: The parts they arrived, the wifi modul and the hinghes, i changue all without breaking anything and the console remains going black after a few minutes on. I’m going to start to check the components of the mother bord.