Weird switch charging issue

my switch did have auto RCM on and I think that messed up the charging. My switch won’t charge plugged into the wall but it will Plugged in the computer and it will connect to the dock for a second, charge and disconnect and the dock will start the flashing green light. I know it’s not the dock because I have tried a known good dock. I have switched out Charging cables that do work on my switch lite I plan on opening the switch tonight to check for shorts but could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

It s not necessary to post the same thread multible times. Please be patient and wait for answers.

Like you just said, draining the battery on running cfw causes no charging. Maybe your battery voltage is to low and the Switch refuse the charging, due to safety. In this case I would charge it by the pc usb with 5V, till the battery reaches something around 3V and then try fast charging with the original power supply.

I’m sorry I have just posted this question on 3 or 4 different websites A week ago with no answers I thought if I had a simpler question someone would answer.

It’s been a while I have had it fully charged a few times off of the pc and let the battery go down on its own I don’t know what could cause it to charge off the pc and not the wall I’m thinking one of the chips could be bad Because it won’t connect to the dock but I’ll have to get a better multimeter to test them. Could a bad chip cause this problem?

is the Nintendo AC adapter good? have you tried turning the charger 180 degrees when plugging into the USB-C on the bottom of the switch?
Have you tried that also with the PC charging cable to see if it charges plugged in either way?

It’s unlikely to the a chip and more likely the USB-C port

Yes I have tried multiple cables and it doesn’t work 180 degrees either all the cables work on my switch lite so it can’t be the cable the port looks ok no bent pins that I can see it will charge On either side of the cable plugged into the pc and it will charge for one second before disconnecting on the dock And then the light on the dock will start flashing fast

it’s most likely the USB port on the switch. failing that it might be the CC sensing lines going to the M92 IC or possibly the ESD IC on the other side of the board near the USB port.
Easist option is to replace the USB C port or alternatively buy a USB-C breakout board and check all the pins to to the correct parts of the board.

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