What is responsible for USB power on

Had a switch come in recently with a couple of issues. Sold to me as a no power unit, i was able to get the console to boot with a known working battery. There was some very minor liquid damage in two spots that produced additional problems, but once i got them solved I was still left with the boring no charge scenario. However, I did notice that i get zero response when I plug in an OEM charger, but the console powers on just fine when I use the power button. I also do get a charging symbol to display (even though i have no amp draw), and disappear when I plug and unplug the cable respectively.

Kinda realized I actually don’t even know what is responsible for telling the switch to turn on when its powered down and a charger gets plugged in. Was hoping to get a better understanding of what drives that before I blindly replace M92 and BQ to potentially solve my issues.

To clear the air:
1.) i get 15v on both sides using an official charger, 0a draw
2.) diode readings on USB port are spot on with no OL and no damage to connector itself
3.) Choke on the data lines above the USB port is fine and has continuity from point through to test pad on both lines
4.) fuse is fine
5.) No shorts on any passives, switch can display just fine on a dock as well.
6.) Diode readings and resistor values around BQ are perfectly in spec and inductor shows no signs of problems

Was just curious to see the non response from the system on USB power and realized I actually don’t know what is responsible for making that happen. Figured I’d ask in better hope of understanding the circuit.

appreciate that, but I have already been through it and nothing really stuck out to me as to what is in control of this function. I am just not that good with datasheets sometimes.