What is the normal exhaust temperature on a ps4 pro?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the fourms but I’m about to replace the thermal pads on the ram chips and thermal paste on my ps4 pro and I’m curious how hot the air is supposed to be coming out the ps4.
I know you want it to be hot if the air coming out feels cool then that’s bad as it means the heat isn’t being pulled off the APU and blown out the console. I’m currently doing a Test before I replace the pads and paste.

At idle my ps4 is pushing 45°C (113°F) out the back and is slowly climbing. Is that too cool or is that a good Idle temperature?

The running temperature while playing a game was Pushing 61°C (142°F) out the back, Is this too cool or a good running temperature?

I don’t know when I’m doing the pads and paste but I’m really curious how much those temperatures will increase but I’m also not sure what the air temperature is supposed to be.
looking it up just gives just gave me operating temperatures and that doesn’t necessarily tell me if that’s at Idle or while running a game nor does it tell me if that’s the air temperature out the back of the console, or just surface temperature.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn’t worry about tempreatures, as long as the system is quiet enough then its fine. If its too loud for you, open it and replace the paste, pads, etc.

The system won’t die if it gets too hot, it will shut itself off to stop that from happening

It isn’t loud I’m just going to replace the thermal pads as I believe I lost a few when I last reapplied the thermal paste and it made me curious on what a good Exhaust Temperature would be.

I know the hotter the better as that means the heat is being drawn out the console but I was curious if there was an average Temperature for a new stock ps4 pro that way I could actually see how much of an improvement new thermal pads would make.