What is this metal piece?

I never learned what this metal thing is I assumed it’s like a ground of some sort but not too for sure if it is, it sit just on top of the power supply of the slim.

I mainly would just like to know how important it is as I lost the screws that holds it in place is it okay to leave it out or will that mess up my slim and If it is important where can I get replacement screws?

it’s just a ground plate to prevent static electricity, on some sensitive electronics this could be a big deal, but on ps4 i can tell you it’s not… don’t worry…!

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Oh okay so kinda what I assumed didn’t know it was for grounding out static though well do you know of anywhere I could buy screws for it? I would still like to have the option to restore this to original condition but at least now I know it should be safe to operate while I wait for the screws to arrive, if, I of course can purchase them. The slims model is CUH-2015A

probably you could buy some similar ones on home depot or any other hardware store, but you will need a sample…