What kind of component is that?

Does anyone know what component this is? (possibly with data sheet)

I am looking also for that part i think its a mosfet i have search online for the marking on butt nothing found on my board it says M6 H8 @jkyoho or maybe @Calvin knows more @eneR what is youre problem why donyou whant to change that part ?

I have a console with 0A charging current. Did some measurements on that and compared it to another. I also get strange values when measuring in diode mode. I would like to replace the part as I think it is defective. Unfortunately I can’t order a new one because I can’t say what kind of component with which specs. it is here.

The mosfet above the m92t36 is sometimes marked as PP5 or sometimes as J03. PP5 should be Toshiba SSM6P49NU and the J03 Rohm UT6J3TCR.


The both SN1 mosfets under your marking are Toshiba SSM6K504NU.

So my best guess would be for your K03 mosfet: Rohm UT6K3TCR


Thanks for reply

The board that i am working on is a 2019 revision model and the marking on that chip is M6 H8

Nintendo uses different suppliers for some ics. But the function of those ics is the same, no matter if they are from Toshiba, Rohm, Diodes Inc.,… A Rohm UT6K3TCR mosfet is nearly the same as your M6 (Diodes Inc. DMT3055LFDB).

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Thanks bro youre the best.

I have a water damage board here i replaced m92 chip
Bq chip
Max 77812
Max 77620
Max 17050
Reflowd some other chips
Now when i plug in the battery and the charger it takes 12V 0.8 amps when i measure at the bat.connector + is 4,2V butt the grey line next to it goes up and down 0 to 1.8V.
I have orderd a new battery maybe this one is not good anymore.
If there was a circuit diagram i would measure if all power lines are active any idea ?

Thank you very much @Calvin ! :+1:t2:

@Calvin hi bro the chip under the audio chip ENYP ( ENxx ) what is the purpose of this ic do know about this any ?

From what ive learn from Severence, 3v3 line is enabled here by the 1v8