What Part to Order for TH201 PS4 Controller

Hey guys, I have a PS4 Controller with the model number TH201 and the R2 trigger is broken. Now my problem is that I can’t find a listing of a R2 trigger with the model number TH201 on aliexpress. Is there any other Model that has the same triggers with the same color.

TH201 is the motherboard type itself and one of the V1 generation Controller, i think you should check any sentence that include JDM or JDS in the charging board as it is the official name type for the controller, or you could post your controller pict in here so i could help you looking for it

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Since I still can’t upload pictures I will upload them somewhere and post the link.

https ://ibb. co/wsTSKnT
https ://ibb. co/8grY2pv
https: //ibb. co/zrpckk1

Here are the Pictures. If you need more just let me know. Thank you for your time!

After i looking on the internet your controller is a Gen 3 controller so you could try to looking for R2 part for DS4 gen 3.
here’s a link for the difference between gen 1,2, and 3 and below it i just attach a link for the parts from consoleskin website, with all the clue that i’ve given, you could start looking for the part from other online shopping website


Thank you very much!! I will do that.

you’re welcome… :sunglasses: