What the heck is happening on my ps4 pro? :/

It does this on various games, but I just bought the new Call of Duty and it’s unplayable :/ I had this same issue with Rainbow Six: Siege but I have no issues in Overwatch, Rocket League or other games. Just don’t know what’s going on. I’ll add that after the issue with siege last year I took the ps4 pro apart and made sure it was clean and it really was pretty dust free on the inside. This is the first version of the pro and I’ve had it since it was released.

Video example of what’s happening and it’s noticeable about 5 seconds into it. It’s much much worse in Siege and the rainbow glitch effect cover 99 percent of the screen. I’ve tried a factory reset, switching hdmi ports, different tv’s, turning off and on hdr and even on rainbow six using the digital download version and none of that fixed the issue. Is it a gpu issue or? What’s weird is the issue has persisted for a long time but only effects certain games (so far just this one and siege unless I forgot about one)

And if you think that is playable, well, here is siege - https://streamable.com/bp078

Looks like the the GPU/APU is shot. Just out of interest of you lower the resolution on your console to say 720p does it go away? If so you might be lucky, in that it could be just the retimer

It’s definitely something to do with the gpu if there is a problem it will artifact i fixed a gpu that was artifacting by running it without the fan and heatsink but just unplugging the fan should work it melts the solder and resolders it back into place sure it’s a little experimental but it worked for me