What's this component?

Hi all, I’m new here and to electronics repair.

Could someone please help me identify what component this is in the pic below (red arrow)?
It’s under the HDMI port. Got knocked off while trying to clear the holes. When I tested it with a DMM in resistance mode, it appears to be open circuit in both directions.

I soldered it back in place, along with a new HDMI port, but I get a white light and no display on power-up. Wondering if it’s down to this component?

Need to identify it so I can order and fit a replacement.

Thanks a million!

PS This isn’t a pic of the actual board, so please ignore the busted HDMI port!

It won’t let me attach the pic or even link it from OneDrive. How do I make it viewable?

Add a character in front of the link or insert the link as code.

Posting a link to the photo:


It should be a zener diode. cdzt2ra5.6b
(PS5 HDMI missing components | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community)

Thank you. I’ve ordered a replacement. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell which way round it goes when it gets here! :smile: