Where can i buy this Connector?

Hi Guys,

I need your help with finding a shop/site where i could buy this connector attached to the game card reader (See picture).

Thank you in advance!

Hi, you can buy them from aliexpress.

Do you have a link? And If you could not send links in the thread, just let me know and i will give you my email.

. Don’t know how to post a link on here, but just type in Nintendo switch game card reader connector on aliexpress, send me you email and then I can send you the link

Hi again Biggie,

Thats not the one i asked for, you sent a picture of the connector on the motherboard.

But its Ok Calvin helped me out :+1:t2:

Ok no problem, my mistake

Hi Dallas did you get the connectors? I’m looking for three of them.

The connector I ve found was from JAE: WP27D-P038VA3-R15000.
And I m not 100% sure that is the part. The outer dimension are slightly bigger, but the pitch and the pins are the same.
I couldn t find a seller for low quantities. Mouser, digikey only offer 15,000 parts for aprox. 10,000 €

Hi, no i didnt find any, Calvin found the connector but minimum is to order 15000 pcs…

Thanks Calvin, I found a WP27D-PO38VA1-R15000 but it was slightly smaller’

Sorry, I made a stupid mistake during measering the pitch. And not checked it again to confirm my assumption…
The pitch is not 0.35 mm, the correct pitch is 0.4 mm.
19 pins = 18 pitches. Distance from 1. to 19. pin 7.2 mm. 7.2mm/18 = 0.4.
Sorry for my mislead.

I couldn t find the connector. On ebay is a seller how provide this connector and on the backside it is marked with MXJ. But in the product listing of Molex I couldn t find this connector…


It’s possible the BM14C(0.8)-38DP-0.4V(51) by hirose would fit… but i don’t think this is the original connector as it’s missing the tabbed metal ends.

Marginal differences when measuring with calipers

of course marginal differences could make a huge difference here…

If you needed the receptacle side (connector on the mainboard) then you can find the relevant opposing connector in the Hirose BM14 series datasheet.

If for example the male or vice versa the female connector didn’t fit, then you could just swap both connectors at once to these Hirose ones, which would work as pitch and contact count are the same…albeit without the ground tabs each side