Where can I sell faulty PS5?

Hi Guys.

I follow Tronicsfix in youtube. I saw one of his videos that he bought defective PS5 and tried to repair it.


  1. Where can I sell my faulty PS5? I thinks its a GPU issue. But once you played a game right away after it boots, no problems. I does freeze and restarts in a loop if you don’t play a game right away.

I don’t want to scam anybody. I’m being honest that it has issues. Problem has been there since I bought it. Tried everything but it didnt resolve. Its just that maybe I can still get some money from it because I just bought a new one. I’m just looking for people willing to buy a faulty PS5.

Thank you.

ebay would be your best best, categorize it as “For Parts Not Working”. It will def sell.

A faulty gpu will mess up irrespective, I don’t think it’s gpu, rather try fresh install of Ps5 system software, not update file but entire system software and reinitialize. Check youtube

PM me on price, I am interested.