Where to buy switch usb c port?

Hi all, does any know where I can buy the same usb c port as the original (where you can access the hidden pins from below slightly once soldered)?

I have received one from eBay and the other from replace base (oem) but nothing have the plastic shield so unable to diode test the hidden pins…

Hi there, i bought mine from Amazon, doesn’t look the same, shield is different. However, i must be honest that i don’t see how you can probe the pins under, even with the OEM connector, i don’t see them at all on my side.

There are some with a tiiiny little gap, but honestly, if it is just for probing, get a break-out board.

Before I have the breakout board, I used to probe the 2nd/hidden pins diode reading with small sharp blade clipped on the multimeter probe into the gap on side-A

I have seen that tiny gap, that is definitely some determination for probing